Edwards You Lyu


IMBA Hinrich Global Trade Leader Scholar

Edwards formerly worked as International Communications Officer in the Foreign Affairs Office of Nanjing Municipal Government, where he was responsible for communications and delegations between Nanjing and its twin sister cities around the world – including in Israel.

Edwards is a graduate of Beijing Foreign Studies University and Beijing International Studies University, where he majored in diplomacy and international politics. In 2009, working for an international environmental organization promoting low carbon growth and innovating solutions for a greener future, he was part of planning the organization’s participation in the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference. He is a currently the Hinrich Global Trade Leader Scholar on the Israel-Asia Leaders fellowship, focused on promoting Israel-China trade.

During his year in Israel, Edwards has been working on a project connecting Israeli battery switching technology to Chinese electric vehicle companies. He is a Sofaer IMBA candidate at Tel Aviv University.

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