Holo Xiaoxing Zheng


IMBA, Bar Ilan University

Holo is an award-winning producer of a health and lifestyle TV series for Shanghai Media Group, where she worked for the past seven years prior to her arrival in Israel. At Shanghai Media Group, Holo produced programs on health, food and lifestyle. Holo won the Shanghai Radio & TV Award (2011) for her short film series “EDGE”, and her expertise in media was used by the TEDx Shanghai team in 2012. She was involved in the Shanghai Design Week and the Dutch sustainability and leadership project NUDGE that visited Shanghai in 2014.

Holo came to Israel to explore the dynamics of the country’s innovation culture. During her time in Israel, Holo has written about her experiences and Israel’s innovation culture for Chinese media and on her blog for The Times of Israel’s Chinese edition. Holo has also been working to establish the framework for a city-promo exchange platform whereby Shanghai and an Israeli city can advertise in the partner city to increase tourism and raise awareness of business opportunities. She is an MBA candidate at Bar Ilan University.

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