Jiyeon Ha

South Korea

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Jiyeon Ha is studying for her first degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering at the Technion. She wishes to pursue a career in technology, in an area where personal electronic devices and green engineering intersect. She believes that the high-tech sector is an essential part of politics and a driver of popular culture and that a career in technology could later open up parallel opportunities for her in diplomacy and mass media

Jiyeon Ha is a member of Engineers without Borders and has travelled to Nepal to analyze bioreactor samples in 2009. She has been living in Israel since 2009 and volunteered at Kibbutz Ein Harod (Meuhad). Jiyeon blogs about her experiences as a volunteer at a kibbutz, about Israeli culture and about studying at the Technion. She is in constant contact with groups of students and professors from Korea and shares her EWB experiences and speaks about the key role the Technion group plays in the development of the international organization.

Jiyeon wishes to learn and understand more about the complexities of modern international relations through the Israel-Asia Leaders Fellowship. She hopes the skills gained though the fellowship will help her facilitate smooth operations of bi-national projects in the future. As part of her fellowship project, she develops a blog in Korean about Israeli innovation and technology.

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