Narantuya Gursed


Islam & Middle Eastern Studies

Narantuya Gursed has a bachelor’s degree in International Relations, and is now enrolled in a master’s in Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. In addition to her native Mongolian, she speaks English, Spanish, Russian and some Japanese.

Nara worked as a tour guide for six years and has guided many Israeli tourists in Mongolia. She interned at the Mongolian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and was a foreign relations officer in Baz Tech. She worked as the external relations manager in AIESEC Mongolia, a student organization which operates worldwide. While in Israel, she taught a Mongolian class once a week at the Hebrew University and gave lectures about Mongolia to people traveling in Asia. She also belongs to the Green Bell NGO which deals with environmental protection in Mongolia.

Nara would like to work with Israeli organizations in order to promote Israel in Mongolia in the future and is looking into teaching Hebrew and organizing workshops and conferences about Israel and the Middle East. She wishes to work for international organizations specializing in culture or ecology and aspires to work for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Mongolia in the future.

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