Pooja Arambhan


IMBA, Tel Aviv University | Parasol Foundation Trust Israel-India Leaders Scholar

Pooja is a corporate lawyer and director of an Israel-India business consulting company, based in Mumbai. In 2014, Pooja participated in the summit on UN Women’s Empowerment Principles at the UN Headquarters in New York. In 2013, she took an active role in the establishment of the Arambhan School of Entrepreneurship & Excellence, “ASEE”. One of the programs of ASEE is the Business Incubation Centre for micro and small female enterprises in Mumbai.

During her year in Israel and as part of the Parasol Foundation Trust Israel-India Leaders Scholarship, she has been developing an initiative to empower Indian women SME entrepreneurs in cooperation with Israel experts from the start-up eco-system. She is a Sofaer IMBA candidate at Tel Aviv University.

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