Ruihang Pu


Security & Diplomacy, Tel Aviv University

Prior to arriving in Israel, Ruihang worked at the EU-China Chamber of Commerce in Beijing. In this role, he was responsible for explaining Chinese business policy and regulatory systems to foreign companies, and navigating it on their behalf. As the assistant to the Working Group of the European Union’s Chamber of Commerce in China, he was part of organizing the Israel-China Innovation Smart Grid Forum. He also facilitated rounds of bilateral meetings on trade policies regarding dairy products between the Chinese Food and Drug Administration, Certification and Accreditation Administration and the European Chamber.

Ruihang is now an Israel-China Economic Leaders Fellow, under the China-Israel Economic Task Force in the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office, where he has been developing a strategy for joint Israel-China economic initiatives focused on human capital exchange. He is a Master’s candidate in Security & Diplomacy at Tel Aviv University.

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