Sandipan Dasgupta


Interested in developing and commercializing precision medicine, Sandipan Dasgupta is aiming to bridge the gap between Israeli and Indian medical technology.

Sandipan is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in molecular genetics at the Weizmann Institute of Science. During this time, he hopes to gain the knowledge to advance the precision medicine field in India, forming bilateral relations between the two countries in the biotech industry.

In 2013, Sandipan received the Visiting Studentship from the Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel, where he contributed to a project to understand  the life cycle of proteins inside cells. In 2014, Sandipan was awarded the UTP-India Fellowship by Temasek Life Science Limited, Singapore, where he pursued research to understand how organisms develop.

Sandipan also has experience in the non-profit, education sector. As an intern with the Research and Strategy team at Teach for India, he created a framework to quantify impact/value creation of the Teach for India fellowship, conducted secondary research on India’s primary education system of India and designed a program for their alumni network. He also volunteered for Indus Action in New Delhi, where he developed their pitch for CSR funding.

A scientist at heart, Sandipan aspires to transition into business and entrepreneurship, leading companies in the field of biotechnology. During his year on the fellowship Sandipan is seeking the management and leadership tools to introduce Israeli healthcare innovation in India.

Sandipan, fluent in Hindi, English and Bengali, considers himself an amateur painter and cross-fitter.

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