Vishal Dharmadhikari


Security and Diplomacy Studies

Vishal Dharmadhikari has a master’s degree in Security and Diplomacy Studies from Tel Aviv University. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Intelligence Studies at American Military University (AMU), and was on the Dean’s Honors List for 2010, 2011, and first quarter of 2012 at AMU.

Vishal has strong interest in international relations and diplomacy. In 2012, as a member of the International Scholar Laureate Program’ (ISLP’s), he joined a two-week delegation on Diplomacy and International Relations to Beijing, meeting diverse participants from across the globe and sharing opinions on the military, economic, social, human rights, and environmental facets in China. He is a member of the Golden Key International Honor Society, a non-profit, invitation-only honors organization which strives to recognize and encourage students who have excelled academically. He also participated in the Donor Recruitment and Motivation Program for Blood Donation Camps conducted by the National Blood Transfusion Center, Botswana.

During the fellowship, Vishal developed two initiatives. The first was an e-learning leadership training program for business students in India and Israel. The second was an event on Israel-India cybersecurity cooperation. His event “India-Israel Cybersecurity Connect” was incorporated into the 3rd Annual International Cybersecurity Conference, which took place in Tel Aviv, June 9-14. The event focused on current threats and trends in cybersecurity, India’s market potential for Israeli cybersecurity companies and innovation in Israel’s cyber-domain.

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