Israel-Asia Micro Grants

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Israel-Asia Micro Grants are small grants designed to empower alumni of the Israel-Asia Leaders Fellowship to strengthen Israel-Asia cooperation in innovation and entrepreneurship.

About Israel-Asia Micro Grants:

  • Israel-Asia Micro Grants are small grants designed to empower alumni of the Israel-Asia Leaders Fellowship to strengthen Israel-Asia relations in the fields of innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • The Israel-Asia Micro Grants are jointly administered by the Israel-Asia Center and Start-Up Nation Central.
  • Applications are considered 3 times a year. Deadlines for applications are:

March 31

July 31

Dec 31

  • 3-week response time.
  • Alumni may apply up to twice a year. The total amount allocated per fellow may not exceed USD $2,000 per year.
  • Micro Grants are provided as reimbursement for approved expenses after completion of the project an after all receipts and reports have been submitted.

Application Process:

  1. Categories: See the list of Israel-Asia Micro Grant categories in the section below, to check whether your project falls within one of them. If you have any questions regarding eligibility, contact:
  2. Apply: Allow enough time in advance of your project to apply for an Israel-Asia Micro Grant. See application deadlines above. Applications for projects that have already taken place will not be considered. To apply, submit the application form in the link provided to Alumni in the Alumni LinkedIn and Facebook Groups.
  3. Was your application successful? You will receive notification within 3 weeks of the application deadline as to whether or not your application has been successful.
  4. Next steps:If your application is successful, you will receive an email confirming your Israel-Asia Micro Grant, with further details regarding the reporting process required to receive your grant.
  5. Reporting: Once you have completed your project, submit your report (as a written blog with photo(s) or as a video) along with your receipts, according to the reporting guidelines we will provide to you. More details in the Reporting Guidelines section.
  6. Payment: Following submission of the materials above, we will reimburse you the amount you applied for as your Micro Grant. Payment will be made via PayPal. Please note: The cost of the transfer fee will be paid by the Micro Grant recipient and subtracted from the total Micro Grant awarded.

For more details, check out the FAQ section or contact

Israel-Asia Micro Grant Categories:

  1. Israel-Asia Event Sponsorship – Are you planning a conference or event connecting Israel and Asia in innovation or entrepreneurship? Use this grant to create an impactful event.
  2. Israel-Asia Bridge-Building – Do you have an idea for a project or initiative that will connect or build bridges between Israel and Asia in areas of innovation and entrepreneurship? Use this grant to launch that project.
  3. Israel-Asia Networking Opportunities Drive your Israel-Asia initiatives forward by establishing the essential strategic connections you need in the Israel-Asia arena at conferences and events.
  4. Israel-Asia Speaking Opportunities Speaking or presenting at an event or conference is a great way to get your name and ideas out there. Use this grant to make yourself heard in the Israel-Asia arena.
  5. Israel-Asia Delegations – Organizing or participating in an Israel-Asia delegation of government ministries, investors, companies and/or media? Use this grant to shape Israel-Asia relations among key decision-makers and opinion-shapers.
  6. Israel-Asia Venture – Have an idea for an Israel-Asia for-profit or non-profit venture? Use this grant to kick-start your venture or develop a new initiative within your existing venture.



1. Who is eligible to apply for an Israel-Asia Micro Grant?
If you are an Israel-Asia Leaders Fellowship alum, you are eligible to apply. (Note: Israel-Asia Micro Grants are for your personal benefit or projects you are leading. They cannot be used to pay for other people’s initiatives or ventures.)

2. Can current fellows apply for an Israel-Asia Micro Grant? 
No. Only alumni who have completed the fellowship program may apply.

3. How many Micro Grants am I able to apply for per year?
You are eligible to apply for up to two grants per calendar year, together totaling USD 2,000 (For example, this could be one grant for up to USD 2000 or two grants of up to USD 1000 each).

4. Can I apply for an Israel-Asia Micro Grant exceeding USD $2,000? 

5. What is the definition of “calendar year”?
A “calendar year” is from 1 January to 31 December of any given year.

6. If one of my Micro Grant applications is unsuccessful, can I still apply for another Micro Grant in the future?
Of course! As long as you have not exceeded your annual limit of USD 2,000, and/or two applications per calendar year, you are welcome to apply for a Micro Grant for a different project

7. When will I receive my Micro Grant reimbursement?
Micro Grant reimbursements are made once the project has been completed and all relevant receipts and reports (video or in writing) have been submitted. Further details about reporting will be sent to you if your application is successful.

8. Is it possible to receive the Micro Grant funding in advance?
Unless there are special circumstances, Israel-Asia Micro Grant funding is provided in the form of a reimbursement after completion of the project.  For more information, contact

9. What will Micro Grants NOT cover?
This list includes, but is not limited to:

  1. The purchase of computer equipment, office supplies, or office rental space;
  2. Food (for personal use);
  3. Another person’s venture or personal/professional development
  4. Transport or accommodation that is not directly connected to the Israel-Asia Micro Grant Project;
  5. Legal work, advice or litigation.

10. Use of Israel-Asia Center / Start-Up Nation Central logo and names
Awarding of the Israel-Asia Micro Grant does not provide automatic permission to use the logos of the Israel-Asia Center or Start-Up Nation Central. If your application is successful, any use of the Israel-Asia Center logo or Start-Up Nation Central logo in relation to this opportunity must be requested by the successful applicant and approved in advance by the respective organizations.  Likewise, awarding of the Micro Grant is to the individual alone on the merit of his/her opportunity, and should not be taken as a confirmation of any organizational partnership of an event or other opportunity. Organizational partnership or any use of the names of Start-Up Nation Central and Israel-Asia Center in relation to this opportunity, in any online print or other materials, must be requested and approved in advance by the respective organizations.

Israel-Asia Micro Grant Reporting Guidelines:

Israel-Asia Micro Grant Reports help us better understand how you used your Israel-Asia Micro Grant and the impact it has had on you, your project or venture. These don’t need to be long.  Written blogs should be a minimum of 400 words and accompanied by at least one photo. Videos should be approximately 2 minutes.

You will need to include the following in your report:

  1. General information (your name, your project name, the role you played)
  2. How you used the Israel-Asia Micro Grant
  3. Who did your project/opportunity involve/impact (ie. If you organized an event or delegation, who were the speakers, participants, etc) and how?
  4. How you and/or your project benefited from the Israel-Asia Micro Grant
  5. How the project funded by the Israel-Asia Micro Grant helped to connect Israel and Asia in innovation or entrepreneurship
  6. Results of your project/opportunity and any longer term impact your project has had/will have thanks to the Israel-Asia Micro Grant.
  7. Any relevant links or coverage generated from your project for which you received an Israel-Asia Micro grant (eg. website, news coverage, social media, etc)