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Vietnam: Wooing Asia’s Newest Tiger
February 1, 2012
Vietnam: Wooing Asia's Newest Tiger
By Amiad Horowitz

In November 2011, Israeli President Shimon Peres became Israel’s first head of state to visit Vietnam. Leading a delegation of some of Israel’s top businesspeople, these were the highest level meetings between Israel and Vietnam since David Ben-Gurion met Ho Chi Minh in France in 1948. Here, Amiad Horowitz takes a look at the significance of the visit, the potential for cooperation between the two countries, and the economic reforms being implemented by this new Asian tiger.

Bring your green menorah over the Great Wall
January 1, 2012
Bring your green menorah over the Great Wall
Israel-Asia Leaders Fellow, Howe Wang

Israel-Asia Leaders Fellow, Howe Wang, envisions the future of clean-tech cooperation between Israel and China – opportunities and challenges – at a time commemorating the 20 year anniversary of Sino-Israeli diplomatic relations.

Continued expansion of civil society key to CSR development in China
April 1, 2015
Matthew S. Apfel

Corporate Social Responsibility is already well-established within companies in the West. But how is it being adopted in China? Matthew Apfel provides some insight into why CSR in China needs a Chinese approach and why continued expansion of civil society is key to its development.

Japan Earthquake: What will be the long-term political and economic impact?
April 1, 2011
Prof. Ehud Harari

Two scenarios, optimistic and pessimistic, drawing on different interpretations of Japanese “past experience” and “national character” can be envisaged of the long-term political and economic implications of the triple disaster in Japan. I call them the Isaiah and Jeremiah Visions, respectively.

The struggle of Asian micro-entrepreneurs who have built a future in Israel
March 1, 2011
Amandine Desille & Larry Luxner

Asian micro-entrepreneurs in Israel, their stories, hopes, and concerns.

Q&A with: Israel’s Ambassador to India, Mark Sofer
September 1, 2010
Israel-Asia Center Q&A Series
David Zev Harris

Israel’s Ambassador to India, Mark Sofer, on agritech, diplomacy and Bollywood

8 Ways Israel and China Intersect in Clean Energy
July 1, 2010
Maya Keidar

China is investing billions in environmental technologies, and while Israel’s sun always seemed to shine in the West, it’s looking to its new eastern friend to implement ideas and solutions that work.  Maya Keidar takes a look at 8 case studies marking fruitful clean energy cooperation between Israel and China.

Q&A with: Michael Granoff – Head of Oil Independence Policies at Better Place
July 1, 2010
Israel-Asia Center Q&A Series
Rebecca Zeffert

Head of Oil Independence Policies at Better Place – the global provider of electric vehicle networks and services – talks to the Israel-Asia Center about the company’s pilot projects in China and Japan and why he believes China is the tipping point for electric vehicles.


China: The Dilemma of Climate Change & Energy Supply
July 18, 2010
Special Israel-Asia Center Report
Dr. Richard Hardiman

China water and energy expert, Dr. Richard Hardiman, provides an in-depth analysis of China’s energy and climate change challenges and what it’s doing to green-up.

Q&A with: Prof. Dorairajan Balasubramanian – President, Indian Academy of Sciences
June 1, 2010
Israel-Asia Center Q&A Series
Yehonathan Tommer

Professor D. Balasubramanian is President of the Indian Academy of Sciences and Director of Research at the L.V. Prasad Eye Institute in the State of Hyderabad.