Past Events


Preparing for take-off: What can we expect from Netanyahu’s upcoming visit to India?
January 9, 2018
Tel Aviv

Past Events

Xi’s vision for China’s global future – and what it means for Israel
December 24, 2017
Tel Aviv | Israel

In October, 2017, the Chinese Communist Party leadership gathered for the 19th Party Congress – the country’s most important event, occurring every five years. What emerged from the Congress were not just a new Central Committee, Politburo, and Standing Committee of the Politburo (SCPB) – the most powerful organ in the world’s most populous nation – but a blueprint for China’s economic development and transformation as a global leader by 2050, a roadmap to “make China great again”, and a clear message: That President Xi is China’s most powerful leader since Chairman Mao Zedong.

At this joint event, run by the Israel-Asia Center and the Chinese Media Center, panelists explored in greater depth the outcomes of the Chinese Communist Party National Congress and its significance to the global economy: the “grim challenges” cited by President Xi that China is current grappling with, China’s economic reforms, the increasingly dominant role President Xi Jinping – and China – is playing on the global stage, and what this all means for Israel. Will this mean a China that will play a more assertive role in the Middle East? What will be the impact on the Israeli economy in this ‘era of Xi Jinping thought’?

No good options on North Korea?
November 6, 2017
Tel Aviv | Israel

On November 6, the Israel-Asia Center - in partnership with the Israel Council on Foreign Relations - held a high-level discussion with leading Israeli and international experts that explored the regional and international implications of a nuclear North Korea. What are the foreseeable actions of North Korea’s neighbors, and the United States? What is Israel’s perspective given its efforts against the Iranian nuclear agreement? What – if any – are the economic, diplomatic and military options on the table? Are there now really no good options when it comes to North Korea?

The event coincided with President Trump's 12-day visit to North East Asia, where North Korea dominated his talks with the leaders of China, Japan and South Korea.

Training India’s 400 Million Millennials
September 10, 2017
Tel Aviv | Israel

India is on track to become the world’s youngest country with the largest workforce. According to Forbes, the country’s more than 400 million millennials—those born after 1982—account for a third of India’s population and 46% of its workforce. And according to Ernst and Young, the Indian workforce will grow to 900 million strong by 2020. However, only 2.3% of its workforce has received any formal skills training. How is India dealing with the challenge of training the world’s largest workforce? And how is this challenge giving rise to new tech opportunities?

NextGen: Israel-Asia – The Asian millennials changing the face of Israel’s future with Asia
June 8, 2017
New York | USA

Israel-Asia Center cocktail reception and interactive panel discussion with Asian millennials changing the face of Israel's future with Asia.

2016-17 Israel-Asia Leaders Fellowship: Concluding Event
May 21, 2017
Keynote :

Amb. Mark Sofer

Tel Aviv | Israel

Event & cocktail reception marking the conclusion of the 2016-2017 Israel-Asia Leaders Fellowship. With keynote speaker Ambassador Mark Sofer, Deputy Director-General, Asia and the Pacific, at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Israel's Former Ambassador to India.

Israel-Asia 2050: Building Tomorrow’s Leaders Today
March 21, 2016
Keynote :

Rebecca Zeffert - Founder & Executive Director, Israel-Asia Center

Washington, D.C. | United States

Scholars Session at the AIPAC Policy Conference, presented by Founder & Executive Director of the Israel-Asia Center, Rebecca Zeffert.

Shaping An Israel-Asia Future Through Innovation
March 17, 2016
New York | United States

Cocktail reception event at the home of Israeli Consul General to New York, Amb. Ido Aharoni, with presentations by Seth Siegel – Author, Let There Be Water - on 'Hydro-diplomacy: Israel’s use of water technology for Asia engagement', and Rebecca Zeffert – Founder & Executive Director, Israel-Asia Center - on 'Empowering the future leaders of Israel-Asia relations'.

China’s One Belt One Road Policy: How does Israel fit into the bigger picture?
December 6, 2015
Tel Aviv | Israel

On December 6, 2015, the Israel-Asia Center held an event at the 2015 Globes Israel Business Conference on 'China's One Belt One Road Policy: How does Israel fit into the bigger picture?'

Launch of Start-Up Nation in Bahasa Indonesian
November 11, 2015
Jakarta | Indonesia

In November 2015, 2012-13 Israel-Asia Leaders Fellowship alum – Aryo – who co-published the Start-Up Nation book in Bahasa Indonesian, held a launch event in Jakarta.

Roundtable: How can we position Jerusalem in Asia as a global innovation hub & international study destination?
May 20, 2015
Jerusalem | Israel

In May, 2015, the Israel-Asia Center held a roundtable discussion between the 2014-15 Israel-Asia Leaders Fellows and key figures in the education and innovation arena in Jerusalem to explore how to position Jerusalem in Asia as a global innovation hub and international study destination.