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Upcoming Events

Training India’s 400 Million Millennials:
Date : September 10, 2017
Speakers :

- Vinay Murthy - Founder & CEO, Antal Infotech India; Executive81
- Akshay Cherian - Co-founder, Biz Sherpa; Co-founder, Meta Results
- Ishai Ram - Global VP, Sela Group
- Hilly Hirt - Deputy Director, Pears Program for Global Innovation

- Yuval Susskind - CEO, PolyNation Ventures

Tel Aviv | Israel

India is on track to become the world’s youngest country with the largest workforce.  According to Forbes, the country’s more than 400 million millennials—those born after 1982—account for a third of India’s population and 46% of its workforce. And according to Ernst and Young, the Indian workforce will grow to 900 million strong by 2020. However, only 2.3% of its workforce has received any formal skills training. How is India dealing with the challenge of training the world’s largest workforce?  And how is this challenge giving rise to new tech opportunities?